So, what’s coming this week?


  • Mobile wallet.
  • One click purchases on our cryptographic marketplace.


  • (Storefront) Cancelled sales will now be moved to a separate page.
  • (Storefront) You’ll be able to add notes when fulfilling an order.
  • (Storefront) You’ll be able to edit the CSS, logo, HTML, etc of your store.
  • (Storefront) You’ll be able to set a custom alias /store/<alias> from the dashboard.
  • (Storefront) Support for digital delivery is arriving!
  • Mobile tools are arriving. Check your wallet balances, do in-store payments, keep an eye on sales (including push notifications) and more.


  • Our enclosure is en route, you’ll be seeing a video in the very near future and we’ll be shipping the first couple of units!


  • Mootip, our cross-platform cross-currency tipbot will be going live on Github, Twitter and reddit shortly.


  • Conversion to FIAT is now in place for some Swiss and British merchants, we’re going to be rolling it out to the rest of the EU over the next few days. We’re working on other countries actively at the moment, and will be rolling out to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and China in about 10 days!
  • Buy crypto with credit/debit cards, this is coming very shortly and we’ll be announcing our partnered payment processor for cards.
  • We’re moving to Zurich, you can come say hi once we’re done!
  • We’ll be updating later with new investment totals. If you haven’t received your proof of entitlement yet, please drop us another email as we’ve been swarmed, but set the subject as (POE).

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