The state of Moolah. Oh, we’re also raising an additional 250 BTC for 5%.

We’ve grown massively since I brought my idea to life. Our consumer platform is being trusted to store hundreds of millions of DOGE, as well as other coins. We have a simplistic universal wallet service, and a number of value added features that we don’t charge a fee for.

On the merchant front, we have grown massively. Despite our API being the core platform, it is actually our storefront technology that has grown the most. I did not expect there to be such uptake, but to give you an idea, storefronts have processed over 150M DOGE alone since launch – not accounting for other coins. We’re going to be focusing hugely on storefront technology, and will be adding in the ability for more customisation. Default stores are about to look much prettier ([1] ) and we’re going to add even more reporting tools for sales. Our storefront is even going to be available programatically.

Our payment terminal was the first out there (v1 predates DOGEPOS), and Mooterm is a completely rebuilt platform. There are additional changes coming during the week, and we’d love to get more and more merchants using us for this. We do direct conversion to FIAT now, so there’s no risk of exposure.

Now, Prelude. Prelude is fast. Prelude is efficient. Prelude has low fees. Prelude is… awesome? We’re launching USD markets on Tuesday (though you can deposit now), and we’re going to be following up with a barrage of currencies. We need volume, first and foremost. Hopefully we’ll gain that in time. Fees are being turned on as of Tuesday (to coincide with the market launch).

We’re working on legal compliance (rather aggressively, I must say), we don’t intend to be caught out by anything. We’re registered in a number of countries, and are pursuing action with FinCEN, HMRC and FINMA currently.

In order to “explode” in terms of growth, we need a few things. We need liquidity in order to provide our Coinbase style service (which is ready to go -now-), to do a number of marketing campaigns, and to also provide an additional buffer zone for the launch of Digipay (which is ready to go) and the rebuilt Treats with new… buy anything technology and 24/7 support!

Our initial pie round was 250 BTC for 15%. This time around, it’s 250 BTC for 5%. Legal costs are a PITA. Our projected growth far surpasses anything we had originally predicted, and our service expansion has happened far ahead of schedule (as you can see). This time around, the PIE is available in 2.5 BTC chunks, with a minimum of 2.5 BTC and no maximum this time around, well – aside from the remaining capacity of the pot.

Based on current interest, I fully expect this pie to fill up by the time April 1st rolls around.

We intend to be the de facto digital bank.

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